Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fox 9 Feature with Sailor as the Star!

Fox 9 featured The Canine Club and Spa on their 7:00 am show last week. They spent a lot of time in the back yard and the pool area. Todd heard about it from the Canine Club, so we Tivo'd it. Sailor was in it from the beginning. He is the one on the left in the pool. Keep your eye on him as he plays and has a great time with his lab buddies. Labs were bred from
Newfoundlands and when he's wet, you can see these characteristics in Sailor. It's worth watching, so if you can't get on the link here, please type this in your browser:

Canine Club and Spa Pampers Pets While You Vaca
Published : Monday, 18 May 2009, 8:43 AM CDT
CHANHASSEN, Minn - There's a new place to keep your pet when you're out of town, and give them a little pampering as well. M.A. Rosko is live at the Canine Club and Spa in Chanhassen.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friends at Graduation

These are some of Sailor's friends from Puppy school. Pony is a Great Dane and the same age as Sailor - now 8 months. Her owners are Leigh and David and they are pretty cool. Cailee is a yippy black lab puppy whose bark will give you a headache in a second. Not really sure what her owners names are, and then Rose the Retriever (again not sure of her owner's name). Sailor is of course, the best in his class! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Intermediate Graduation

Sailor graduated from Intermediate Puppy School recently. He learned things such as loose leash walking, come, etc. The graduation hat is kind of dorky cause you have to hold it on their heads, but the photos came out cute.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Contented Cat

When Sailor is not chasing our cat, Mia, around the house and bugging her, this is the kind of cushy, leisurely life she leads. It's a tough life for the pets in our household!

Up on the Deck Furniture

Since Sailor believes he's "people", he thinks it's just fine and dandy to get up on the deck furniture, He also thinks it's cool to eat his messy bone on the couch and taking up seating for 2 people while he's at it. Look at those big webbed feet holding that bone!

New Updates. . .

Hello friends. My last post was May 14th - right before I left for Vegas with Anita. We had a great time, but when I got back, it got crazy at work and then right into Memorial weekend, so I have not had time to update you on Sailor and his recent activities. Also, I dropped our digital camera on our rocks and the lens will not pop out now so you can't take photos. Can you say frustrating!

I have to admit that we have been a bit lenient with Sailor and now let him sleep on a doggy bed on the floor next to me instead of his crate, but for some reason (and we think because the tiles are cool), he likes to sleep in the master bathroom. . . okay then. He has been very good except for one night when I got up to find him and stepped in pee. He was covered in it and it was super gross but Todd cleaned it up! Love You Baby! He also came up with the new product for just such a thing " Shamwow Shoes"! :)

There has been so much going on in the last few weeks and I owe you guys so many photos!
Such as:
He graduated from Intermediate puppy school.
Sailor was on Fox 9 - they did an article about The Canine Club and he was on it swimming.
He now weighs 96 lbs!
We got Sailor a kiddie swimming pool that we filled up and let him play in. He seems to really like it.
He met the new neighbor's dog, Hardy (a 3 year-old yellow lab) so they swam in the lake together and chased tennis balls.
Our neighbor, Nic and her Boxer, Duke are back from Vegas now (yay) for the Summer and Fall, so Duke and Sailor had fun play-fighting in the front yard. In all of these cases, why is so heart-warming watching dogs play? Because they play with such abandon?