Thursday, June 4, 2009

On the Boat at Sunset

On Friday Night, we took Nic and Charley's pontoon out and the dogs came along. We saw a beautiful sunset and realized Sailor doesn't like the boat (he likes the pontoon better though). While Osa LOVES the boat, it doesn't work for Sailor at all - he's too big and can't sit still so he tries to crowd everyone. I guess it's time to get a pontoon (trying to convince Todd) as the boat is too small for all of us. Nic looks great in these photos. Osa looks funny, like an Ewok and she and Sailor look like they're attached with all their black fur. Look how much bigger then Osa he is getting. 97 lbs and counting!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Size and Age don't matter in Dog Land

Our neighbor, Nic Webber took these photos of Sailor, Osa and her boxer Duke all playing together in the back yard. We had a bonfire that night too and it was all symbiotic. These great photos show harmony in Dog Land. In their world, you can be any size and age to play together and get along! Osa is 14, Duke is 6 and Sailor is 8 months

Monday, June 1, 2009

Osa's Snacks

Osa never gets any peace to eat while Sailor is around, so I wait until he goes to "bed" and then give Osa some treats just for her so he can't steal them. She is looking so old - her eyes are getting rheumy and a bit sunken back, and and she can't hear as well as she used to, plus look at that grey little face . . . She's still doing well for age 14 though!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out of his Crate

Sailor is now 8 months old (and 96 lbs)! So, we got a little lenient with him and let him sleep on the floor next to the bed rather than in his crate. I got him a dog bed and now, when we put him out at night for the final time, then tell him to come in and "kennel up" he goes directly to his dog bed and grabs one of his toys from his toy box (yes he has a toy box).
He is one smart puppy as I don't have the heart to make him go in his kennel after receiving his puppy eyes.