Saturday, April 4, 2009

Puppy Penelope

Frolicking at the Dog Park with Penelope, the 3 month-old Bernese Mountain dog. Her owner, Heidi also has Lexxus and Buckley. It was pretty muddy this day and Penelope came THIS close to falling in the muddy pond. We had to give Sailor a "time out" as we thought he was getting too rough with Penelope so we put him on his leash, but then she came right back at him.

Seeing Friends

We introduced Sailor to our former neighbors and friend's, Matt and Allison Dahlien and their 4 year-old daughter, Maddie. Sailor was almost as big as her, and even though he is so gentle, she was pretty afraid of him at first. She would touch him, laugh and then run off to hide behind her parents. This is as close as she would come to him so I had to snap the photo quickly before she ran off.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Going Bye-Bye

The dogs in the back seat of the car going "bye-bye".
Poor Osa is looking like the 14 year- old lady that she is. She is always so graceful and Sailor is dripping slobber all over everything and Wow the dog breath!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Ate your Headphones

This look says, "Sorry dad, but I ate your Sony headphones into tiny little pieces and they were yummy!" Not sure how these things happen as we think we're watching him and 2 seconds later it's just too late. . . dogs really have no remorse.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad El Pirato!

Sailor's name in Spanish is "Marinaro" (kind of like the sauce) which we found out from Martha who cleans our house and is from Mexico. So we came up with a Spanish name for him when he's bad - we call him "El Pirato" which means the pirate since he steals stuff from counters and from Osa. Todd found this funny hat so Sailor had to wear it for acting up the other night although he didn't really seem to mind having it on.
Last night he was definitely acting like the pirate. He peed on the floor, grabbed a vase and chewed some flowers, counter surfed for treats, chased the cat, tried to chew on the deck and ate my napkins.