Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sick Dog

Sailor came home from Day Care on Tuesday and right away had diarrhea, ate and then threw it all up. We were worried all night cause he kept running outside to go potty and it was really runny like water - I know too much information! We debated taking him to the emergency vet, but then he went into the bathroom, stretched out and fell asleep so we didn't want to wake him. We didn't really sleep much though as we were worried every time we heard him move around that he had to run outside and go. He did have an accident in the bathroom and Todd - bless him - cleaned it up or I prob would have thrown up! Osa was scheduled for her dental cleaning the next morning and to get checked for her urinary track infection that she had just taken antibiotics for, so we took Sailor in with her.
The result is that they think he has colitis, so they gave him some pills to take. He seemed much better last night. Also, poor Osa had a tooth extracted as it was cracked and probably causing her some pain. We felt bad last night as she was whining although we tried to comfort her.

Getting Big

Someone is outgrowing his bed!


Sailor was playing peek-a-boo over the outdoor deck couch with me. He thought it was funny that he could hide and them jump up. Just like a kid.