Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sailor, Todd, Duke (the Boxer from next door) and his Mom, Nic took the pups for a run on the lake last weekend. Even though Sailor does a lot of face plants when he runs (he trips over his big feet), they had a great time. Wait until he figures out there's a lake under all that snow!
We are trying to teach him to come to us when we call him no matter what the distraction. It's hard when there are other dogs and sights and smells, but we want him to be able to be off- leash when around the yard - unlike Osa who would take off and run like a banshee.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Report Card - A+

This is Sailor's first "report card" from Doggy Day Care. As you can see he's the "best one in his row" (don't all parents think that about their kid though?). Funny how they track if they go potty. Also, looks like he has a girlfriend named Zoey (who they tell me is a lab puppy). All in all a good boy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Day of Doggy Day Care, or Swimming in the Water Dish

We need to get some sleep, so hoping that Doggy Day Care will do it. Sailor gets restless in his kennel at night and barks and whines at least every couple of hours. We have to get up and let him out to pee.
Needless to say, we are way losing sleep. Todd in particular, even though he was an RA in college and can usually sleep through parties and bands playing in the same room with him. Although we do walk him and play fetch with him at night, Sailor needs to play really hard to get all that 4 month-old energy out. Up until today, we hadn't been able to take him to Doggy Day Care. There are a lot of rules before you can get "admitted". Your dog has to be up on all their shots (which some they can't even get until they're 3 months-old), has to be fixed and their stitches out, can't be sick, etc. It's really just like having a human kid in day care.
Today was his first day and was put in the "big boy" room with the larger dogs. During the day he gets a ton of play time, nap time and lunch from 12-1. Pretty cute!
My co-worker came in the office around 11 am and announced to me that "Sailor is the new fav at day care and he went swimming in his water dish". Huh? Apparently Bryan dropped off his 2 Australian Shepherd's and the staff told him he would have a sweet Newfie to play with. Bryan immediately knew it was Sailor.
I couldn't resist going to see him at lunch. When I got there, he was in the play room in the back, so I could only watch him on the monitor. It was like watching the "Puppy Bowl" during the Super Bowl. I have to admit I was a proud "mom" as he was so cute and having so much fun.
I know he will sleep really good tonight - yay for us! Hopefully we can get him there at least a couple of days a week for his sake and ours.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Magic Well

This is where Sailor likes to drink when he thinks I'm not looking. I think it's super gross. We call it the "Magic Well" as it seems to have some mystical power over him that draws him to it. I try to keep the bathroom door closed, but wish I could "train" Todd to just put the seat down. I guess after 16 years of marriage, that's not going to happen.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sheets are yummy!

It's almost impossible to do the most mundane tasks when there is a 50 lb puppy chasing you around. This is what happens when I try to change the sheets. Sailor thinks sheets are a big pile of fun and jumps on top and tries to chew them with his razor baby teeth. Luckily he really doesn't do any damage. It's also difficult to do little things like put on your pants or socks as he wants a piece of them as well.

Wow is his head big!

Sailor is still trying to figure out leash walking, so Todd will sometimes pick him up (but not for much longer) and sling him over his shoulder to get him loaded up in the car. I was laughing so hard looking at his big head - it's twice the size of Todd's.

The Mobile Kennel - My favorite thing!

Sailor loves riding in the car - doesn't really matter where we're going. Right now we have to lift all 49 lbs of him, but when he reaches 120 lbs, he can probably just step right into the back! His has his mat, a pig ear and some toys along for the ride as well.