Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Sunday afternoon we took Sailor to the Dog Park at Minnewashta Regional Park which is nice as it has trails and is not just one big open space. Right away we spotted another Newfoundland! His name is George and he is 9 months old and weighs 121 lbs! His owner (funny, but I didn't get HIS name. . . ) told us about a new Doggy Day Care that just opened which is right by our house called Canine Care. He said they have an indoor and outdoor pool. We thought it worth a try as Sailor has not had the opportunity to swim yet, so we dropped him off on Monday. Ironically, they said he "circled' the pool but did not jump in. Soon enough, we bet! They emailed us these photos of him playing which is sweet. The close up is one of the better ones we have of him.

Back to Reality

Todd and I are back from vacation and while gone, we really missed our pets! However, they were all well cared for - Todd's friend Dan stayed at our house with Osa and Mia. They seemed to barely miss us as he took such good care of them. We returned on Saturday night, and picked up Sailor on Sunday morning. We expected him to weigh close to 62 lbs by the time we got back, but he only weighed 59. Probably all that running and playing kept his weight down! He also had 3 personal training sessions and Libby the trainer, said that Sailor really doesn't like "Down". He kind of fights it, so we have to work with him more on that. Although we had a good time, we are glad to be back home.