Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sailor still can't walk down steps which they say is normal for a puppy till their legs and balance come into play.  Here he is longingly gazing down at me as I am walking up from the basement where Osa likes to hide from him.  One day he will discover there's a whole new world down there!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Counter Surfing

We knew that before long Sailor would be as tall as our counters. He has been "coffee table" level almost since we got him, but now he weighs in at 56 lbs and can put his paws up on the counters, especially when he smells something delicious. I caught him eyeballing his food that I had just put on a plate. It's a funny picture as the cat is in the background and she looks like she's saying, "I wouldn't if I were you!". The second photo is him actually putting his paws up and grabbing for his plate. I was even standing right there.  He had no shame.  We're in trouble!

Leaving our baby!

We are headed out for vacation this morning. Sailor is being boarded where he has puppy pre-school, so he will have a good time.  He will have a couple of "personal" training sessions to work on some of the stuff he learned in puppy pre-school so far, some Day Camp days and some days of the "Bizzy Bundle" where he gets special treats like the Kong and dog ice cream. 
We figure that he will probably weigh 65 lbs when we get back on the 21st of February!  We have a friend staying at the house (Dan) who is taking care of Osa and Mia. We will miss them all, but are looking forward to the sunny Caribbean! We hope to check in a couple of times while we're gone, but if not, check in with us in a couple of weeks to see how much Sailor has grown and if he was a good boy while we were gone.