Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time for Bed

Sailor goes in the bathroom and "hides" behind the door to go to bed. He takes his toys in there with him too. Its so sweet!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking for Mia

We've spent a lot of time looking for Mia, whether it's putting up flyers, driving around or walking the neighborhoods. Although we haven't found her yet (how upsetting!), Todd takes the dogs for walks hoping she will come walking down a driveway or be sitting on someone's front porch. Yesterday (after the PGA tournament), I took Sailor down to the lake for a swim. He took his tennis ball behind the shed and when he came out, I tried to grab the ball from his mouth. I got a handful of gushy stuff and when he dropped it I discovered it was some undefinable part of an animal. It had (GROSS) maggots it! UGH, UGH!. The fur looked similar to Mia's, so I screamed for Todd, He came down and looked all around the shed, but didn't find anything else - no more body parts or her pink collar. So another day with no word or anything. Here is Osa and Sailor helping look for Mia on their walks. . . .