Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sailor loves to swim (at least in the indoor pool at Day Care!). Karen said that they couldn't get him to come out and that he likes swimming with his buddy Noah, who is actually another Newfoundland. Todd is worried that when he starts to swim in the lake that he'll get too far from shore and then get in trouble. He wants to wait until we get the boat in the water in case we have to go get him. Is that overprotective or a good idea? Not sure as we've never had a dog that can swim before so I will just go along with that theory!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We took Osa to Sailor's intermediate training last week as a "special guest" as we feel bad leaving her home every Saturday morning. She seemed to have fun but she really wasn't sure what it was all about.

We have the same trainer, Libby (pictured in the blue shirt) and also some of the same dogs in class as were in his puppy pre-school. Leigh, her husband Dave, and their dog, a Great Dane named Pony for one. Pony is like Sailor- she gains a few pounds a week and is going to be huge. She's also a very sweet dog and her owners are cool too (like us - ha).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We got the dock in the water (thank you "Boys of Summer!) and walked out on it with Osa and Sailor thinking that Sailor would maybe jump in and swim a little but he didn't this time. Osa won't swim although she loves going on a boat ride (we have thrown her in though to make sure she can).

Then here comes Mia, the cat (who thinks she's either a people or a dog) to join us. 81 lb Sailor, 54 lb Osa and little 5 lb Mia and us all together - different species and all so harmonious - it was so touching. It was also a peaceful day and no one was really around, so there are all five of us just hanging out on the dock enjoying the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon. Ahh Spring!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Canine Club

This is the place where Sailor goes to Day Care - The Canine Club and Spa. It's only about 1 mile (or less) from our house, so very convenient and the price is right. The owner, Karen, said that Sailor is one of their "Superstars". They have an indoor and outdoor play area and pool so he gets to have lots of fun and get socialized with the other dogs as well. If we didn't take him there, he would drive us crazy at night and we would also feel bad leaving him in his crate all day.