Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a Life!

A typical day at Day Care. We should all have such a life! Look how big he is and all his buddies (oh, and the snow!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sailor's Day Care forwarded these pictures of him swimming in their indoor pool. He went in the other day and also today. Karen from the Canine Club said once he got in, he didn't want to get out - she said he was so cute. He will be all ready for ice out on our lake! We were worried he would be one of those few Newfie's that doesn't like to swim, but hmm - guess not!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dog Pack

Todd made up a funny tune to sing/whistle for when he walks the pups. He calls it "Dog Pack." I don't know all the words so I can't sing it for you (and you wouldn't want me to, but here is a photo of our Dog Pack of 3.

March Snow

We had a snow storm on Thursday of last week. March came in like a lion, so hopefully it will go out like a lamb. Sailor is sitting in the snow on our deck. The cold temps don't bother him, but he wants to be inside with us all the time. It's like, "Go play" and give us some peace for a little bit.

Loves his Lambie

Our older dog, Osa doesn't really like toys too much - she never really has. It's so different with Sailor as he will go in his kennel and pick a toy up and run around carrying it. It's just too cute. This is one of his favorite toys - a squeaky, fuzzy stuffed lamb. The other favs are a stuffed squirrel and a fake tire on a rope. Can't wait till we can throw toys in the water for him to fetch. Now doesn't hesitate either when he runs and jumps on the ottoman. Poor Todd gets displaced a lot as Osa likes to sleep here too!