Friday, April 24, 2009

Yard Work

Hello Friends. Thanks for sticking with my blog. I have not updated much this week due to our Vikings Draft Party which is on Saturday, and a lot of other work things that are going on. Sailor turned 7 months old today and I haven't even had time to take a birthday picture of him. As of last Saturday, he was 83 1/2 lbs! He is up to my thigh now. Weigh in is tomorrow at Intermediate Puppy School so we won't be surprised if he is up to 85 or 86 lbs.

He was off and on a good/bad boy this week. Last night he got one of my fav pillows before we noticed and chewed it up. It was turquoise and had an orange and purple flower on it. Unsalvageable! He whined in his crate all night on Sunday night so I had a rough day on Monday with no sleep. Other than that, torturing the cat and still trying to annoy Osa, he's a sweet boy :).
Also, he "helped" Todd with some yard work last weekend by chasing squirrels away, running off into the neighbors yards to see how their lawns were doing, eating sticks to make mulch, making fertilizer, watering the lawn and chewing on the equipment.